Key Personnel

Information About Key Employees at Darob Inc. Medical Waste Services

Robert G. Ford, President

Robert served sixteen years (1981-1996) in the health care setting in risk management, safety and operations. During his career in the hospital setting Mr. Ford developed and implemented a medical waste company that he started as a subsidiary company to the hospital. Robert served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer or President of the company from its inception.

During his nine years (1989-1997) of service with the company he quickly gained recognition for technical and legislative expertise. Invited to serve as a technical consultant for the Kentucky Legislature, The Kentucky Hospital Association and The Ohio Hospital Association, he developed a nationally recognized in-service program for medical waste handling for hospital employees in 1992. In 1997 he and David P. Payne, Chief Executive Officer, started a new medical waste company DaRob, Inc. The new company is based and operated in Louisville, Kentucky and is an extension of the original concept, philosophy and devotion to providing health care facilities the highest quality of medical waste services at cost effective savings.

Richard D. Shore, Plant Manager

Richard served eleven years as a plant manager for medical waste facilities in the Louisville area. Five years (1988-1992) with Medi-Gen a medical waste incinerator that was located on Grade Lane in Louisville. Mr. Shore was responsible for plant operations that consisted of twenty-four hour incinerator operations, preventive maintenance of equipment, route scheduling for 200 customers and in-house safety meeting.

When the site was bought out by BFI, Richard was retained for five years (1992-1996). The scope of his responsibilities broadened to include compliance monitoring as new regulations were enacted. Richard started as plant manger for DaRob, Inc. in 1997 and continues to broaden the scope of his responsibilities in managing a medical waste plant.