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Darob, Inc. Medical Waste Services in Louisville, KY

Darob Incorporated is a fully insured and permitted 75-ton-per-day treatment facility located in Louisville, Kentucky. Our services include medical waste disposal, on location training, quality assurance, validation testing and compliance. Our qualifications include nineteen years experience in healthcare facilities and fifteen years experience in owning, operating, or managing Medical Waste facilities. Our knowledge in medical waste management allow us to provide in-depth waste stream analysis and training programs that are designed specifically for your facility in order to reduce and safely handle medical waste while effectively eliminating harmful exposure incidents to the public and environment.

Most companies offering medical waste services boast of a broad background in waste handling and disposal. DaRob’s unique abilities and the benefits of its services have their origins in the disciplines of institutional health care. This enables DaRob to understand the dynamics of medical waste in its natural environment, how to communicate in the language of health care, and how the handling of medical waste can best and most realistically be accomplished in the complex setting of the health care facility. DaRob’s experienced staff has been in the forefront of medical waste disposal since 1988.

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Darob Incorporated | Medical Waste Services in Louisville, Kentucky
Darob Incorporated | Medical Waste Disposal in Louisville, Kentucky