DaRob/ID can provide training programs to each institution or facility at the facility's location. The comprehensive program is provided as a value-added service to our customers with most of the programs at no charge. The following training areas are updated as regulations change:

Definition and characteristics of medical waste
Arrow GraphicIdentification of various health care waste streams
Arrow GraphicSeparation of waste streams
Arrow GraphicPackaging waste streams
Arrow GraphicSafe handling practices
Arrow GraphicTreatment processes to render waste non-hazardous

Hazard Communication Standard
Arrow GraphicDefinition of hazardous chemical
Arrow GraphicIdentification of hazardous materials in health care facilities
Arrow GraphicSafe handling and storage
Arrow GraphicDisposal/recycling options

DOT'S New Hazmat Transportation Regulations
Arrow GraphicIntroduction to new requirements
Arrow GraphicDOT requirements for training of hazmat employees
Arrow GraphicDOT shipping papers
Arrow GraphicTraining Exercise and Examination

Risk Communications
Arrow GraphicThe Controversies Surrounding Medical Waste
Arrow GraphicCrisis Communications
Arrow GraphicPotential Impacts for Medical Facilities (case study)

On Site Incineration
Arrow GraphicPermitting
Arrow GraphicSelection
Arrow GraphicAir Pollution Control
Arrow GraphicUnexpected costs and problems

Air Quality Field Inspections
Arrow GraphicLegal Authority of the Inspector
Arrow GraphicInspector Responsibilities
Arrow GraphicGeneral Inspection Procedures
Arrow GraphicVisible Emission Observations
Arrow GraphicSpecial Considerations

OSHA Workplace Guidelines for Cytotoxic Agents
Arrow GraphicDefinition
Arrow GraphicIdentification
Arrow GraphicPackaging/handling
Arrow GraphicDisposal

Incinerator Operations
Arrow GraphicProtecting the environment
Arrow GraphicBasic combustion principles
Arrow GraphicBasic incinerator design
Arrow GraphicAir pollution control equipment design and functions
Arrow GraphicMonitoring and automatic control systems
Arrow GraphicIncinerator operation
Arrow GraphicMaintenance inspections
Arrow GraphicTroubleshooting typical problems
Arrow GraphicState regulations
Arrow GraphicSafety

Eight Hours Hands On Training
Arrow GraphicTraining materials will consist of the following:
Arrow GraphicEPA Pilot Tracking Act and CDC Definition
Arrow GraphicHazard Communication Standard
Arrow GraphicOSHA Workplace Guidelines for Cytotoxic Agents
Arrow GraphicOSHA Blood Borne Disease
Arrow GraphicDaRob, Inc. video: Sincerity in Medical Waste Handling
Arrow GraphicDaRob, Inc. handbook: Health Workers Medical Waste Handbook
Arrow GraphicEPA Hospital Incinerator Operator Training Course: Student Handbook
Arrow GraphicEPA Hospital Incinerator Operator Training Course: Presentations Slides Manual
Arrow GraphicEPA Hospital Incinerator Operator Training Course: Instructor's Manuals
Arrow GraphicSafe state regulations
Arrow GraphicPre and post test material
Arrow GraphicEPA Field Manual
Arrow GraphicCase Study Risk Communications
Arrow GraphicCase Study Environmental Law

Environmental Law
Arrow GraphicMedical Waste Tort Liabilities
Arrow GraphicDamages Claims
Arrow GraphicCriminal Liabilities
Arrow GraphicEnforcement of Medical Waste Laws (State)



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